Wizardry of Colliders: Grasping the Complex in Unity VR

Richard Morgan
2 min readJan 11, 2024


In the mystical world of Unity VR, where the impossible becomes possible, sometimes the simplest solutions bring the most magical results. Today, we delve into the art of using multiple box colliders with the XR Grab Interactable component to master the grasp of complex objects.

The Conundrum of Complex Grabs

Imagine trying to grab a dragon in your virtual world, but it’s not just any dragon — it’s one with twisting horns and sprawling wings. A single collider won’t do; it’s too simple for such a complex creature. This is where the magic of multiple box colliders comes into play.

Casting the Multiple Box Collider Spell

Step 1: Summoning the Colliders

  • Object of Power: Choose your complex object — be it a mythical beast or an intricate artifact.
  • Enchant with Colliders: Add multiple box colliders to this object. Each collider should encapsulate a simple portion of the object, like a horn or a wing.

Step 2: The XR Grab Interactable Incantation

  • Component of Grasp: Add the XR Grab Interactable component to your object.
  • Collider Selection: In the component, select the colliders you’ve just conjured. This tells the component which parts of the object can be interacted with.

Step 3: Fine-Tuning Your Spell

  • Collider Placement: Adjust the size and position of each box collider to cover the essential parts of your object. It’s like drawing invisible boundaries around each magical segment.

Step 4: Testing Your Enchantment

  • Enter the Realm: Jump into Play mode and test your setup. Reach out and try to grab your object. With each collider in place, you should be able to interact with different parts of the object seamlessly.

The Magic of Multiple Colliders

This enchantment allows for a more natural and intuitive interaction with complex objects. It’s like giving your virtual hands the ability to feel and grasp the intricacies of any object, no matter how complicated its form.


By harnessing the power of multiple box colliders in combination with the XR Grab Interactable component, you’ve unlocked a new level of interaction in your VR world. So go ahead, enchant your dragons, your spacecraft, or your ancient relics — let your players grasp the ungraspable!