Unity Respawn using Delegates and Events

Here’s a quick way to respawn in Unity using delegates and events…

In this example, we’re going to use the SpaceBar to initiate the respawn event:

Inside our Main script (attached to the MainCamera), we’ll create the Teleport delegate and give it a Vector 3 value that will be the destination. And also create an event that is tied to the delegate, and make a variable to hold our destination as a Vector 3 value:

Add the space bar as the trigger:

Inside the Cube script (attached to the cubes) we’ll add the Respawn method and attach it to the onTeleport event:

Now the Respawn method will be invoked from the Teleport delegate when the onTeleport event is triggered from the space bar.



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Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan

Unity and Flutter developer interested in creating mixed-reality applications.