The Alchemy of Virtual Physics: Fine-Tuning Objects in Unity VR

Richard Morgan
2 min readJan 9, 2024


Greetings, VR alchemists and Unity conjurers! Today, we embark on a mystical journey into the realm of virtual physics, where the weight of a feather and the bounce of a ball are at the tip of your coding wand. Adjusting the physics properties of objects in VR can transform a mundane experience into a magical one. Let’s explore how tweaking weight, velocity, friction, and bounciness can enchant the objects in your VR world.

The Art of Weight and Throw Velocity

Levitating Feathers and Hefty Stones

  • Weight Wizardry: The mass property of an object in Unity determines its weight. Adjusting this can change how it feels when picked up or thrown — lighter for feathers, heavier for stones.

The Dance of Throw Velocity

  • Throw Velocity Scale: This enchantment affects how far an object can be thrown. Increase it, and watch your objects soar across the virtual skies like shooting stars.
  • Throw Angular Velocity Scale: This spell dictates how objects rotate when thrown. Perfect for adding a spin to your virtual frisbees or creating a spiraling potion bottle.

Friction and Bounciness: The Slippery Slope

Friction: The Grip of the Ground

  • Dynamic and Static Friction: These properties determine how objects slide and come to a rest. Adjusting them can make your virtual surfaces as slippery as ice or as sticky as spider webs.

Bounciness: The Joy of Jumping Beans

  • Bounciness: This property controls how much an object rebounds after hitting a surface. Turn your VR world into a bouncy castle by cranking up the bounciness!

Putting It All Together

Testing Your Magical Creations

  • Experimentation: The true magic happens when you start experimenting. Adjust these properties and observe how each tweak changes the behavior of objects in your VR world.
  • Balance: Find the perfect balance for each object to ensure they behave just as you envision in your mystical realm.


In the enchanting world of Unity VR, you hold the power to manipulate the very laws of physics. Adjusting the weight, throw velocity, friction, and bounciness of objects can create an experience that’s both immersive and delightful. So, go ahead, play with these properties, and watch as your virtual world comes to life with every interaction!