Silent No More: Adding a Bang to Your VR Gun in Unity

Richard Morgan
2 min readJan 12, 2024


In the shadowy world of VR espionage, a gun without sound is like a spy without secrets. It’s time to bring your virtual arsenal to life by adding the crisp sound of gunfire. Let’s dive into how to equip your VR gun with an Audio Source and sync it with the XR Grab Interactable component to simulate firing sounds.

Step 1: Arming Your Weapon with Sound

The Setup

  • Choose Your Weapon: Select your VR gun model within your Unity project.
  • Audio Source Attachment: Add an Audio Source component to your gun. This is your virtual gun’s voice, ready to speak up when the action unfolds.

Sound Selection

  • Choose Your Sound: Import your desired gunfire sound effect into Unity. This could be a classic spy movie shot, a silenced whisper of a sniper, or the loud bang of a revolver.

Tuning the Audio Source

  • Audio Configuration: Attach your chosen sound effect to the Audio Source component. Adjust settings like volume and pitch to match the style of your weapon. Remember, every gun tells its own story through its sound.

Step 2: Triggering the Sound

Linking to XR Grab Interactable

  • Component Check: Make sure your VR gun has the XR Grab Interactable component — the trigger for all your interactive needs.
  • Activate Event: In the XR Grab Interactable component, find the Interactable Events section. Here lies the key to unleashing the sound.

Setting the Activated Event

  • Assign Audio Action: Add a new event, choosing ‘Activate’ as the type. This event will fire, quite literally, when your gun is used.
  • Link to Audio Source: Drag your gun’s Audio Source component into the event’s action field. Then select AudioSource.Play from the function list. Now, when the trigger is pulled, the sound of gunfire will ring out.

Step 3: Testing Your Covert Weapon

The Moment of Truth

  • Enter the Scene: Don your VR headset and step into your virtual world. Grab your gun and pull the trigger. The sound of gunfire should now accompany your action, adding a layer of depth and realism to your spy escapades.


With these steps, you’ve successfully equipped your VR gun with the power of sound. This simple yet impactful addition brings a new level of immersion to your VR experiences. Go ahead, let your virtual weapons be heard, as every spy knows, sometimes it’s the sound that makes the biggest statement.