Secret Missions and Virtual Triggers: Unleashing Interactable Events in Unity VR

Richard Morgan
2 min readJan 12, 2024


Welcome to the shadowy world of VR espionage, where every object holds secrets and every action triggers consequences. Today, we’re focusing on a critical mission: implementing Interactable Events in Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit, with our spotlight on the classic spy tool — the VR gun. Let’s unravel how to add a thrilling Activate event to our XR Grab Interactable gun, setting off a simulated muzzle flash as if we’re in the middle of a covert operation.

The Mission: Interactable Events

In the world of virtual espionage, Interactable Events are like hidden switches or concealed buttons in a spy’s gadget. They respond to specific actions by the user, triggering predefined effects or responses. Our mission today involves a VR gun — a tool no spy should be without.

Step 1: Arming the VR Gun

  • Setting the Stage: Start with your VR gun model in Unity. Ensure it’s equipped with the XR Grab Interactable component — this is what makes it more than just a model; it’s a piece of interactive spy gear.
  • Scripting the Gadget: Add a custom script to your gun model. Let’s call it ‘Pistol’. This script is where the magic happens; it’s the brain behind the muzzle flash effect.

Step 2: The Trigger Mechanism

  • Activate Event Setup: Within the XR Grab Interactable component, find the Interactable Events section. Here lies the key to our operation.
  • Adding the Event: Add a new event, selecting ‘Activate’ as the trigger. This is the virtual equivalent of pulling the trigger on the gun.

Step 3: Connecting the Dots

  • Linking the Script: Drag your ‘Pistol’ script into the event’s action field. Here, you’ll assign the specific function in the script that simulates the muzzle flash. It’s like wiring a detonator to an explosive — when the trigger is pulled, the flash goes off.

Step 4: Testing in the Field

  • Enter the Simulation: Don your VR headset and step into the virtual training grounds. Grab the VR gun and pull the trigger. If all goes well, you’ll see the muzzle flash, as if firing a shot in a clandestine operation.


Congratulations, agent! You’ve successfully implemented an Interactable Event in Unity’s VR environment. Your VR gun now responds with a realistic muzzle flash, adding depth and excitement to the virtual experience. Remember, in the world of VR development, you’re not just creating games; you’re crafting immersive experiences. Go forth and use these skills to bring more interactive elements to life in your VR projects.