“Grabbing the Future”: Setting Up XR Grab Interactable in Unity

Richard Morgan
2 min readJan 7, 2024


Hello, VR adventurers and Unity explorers! Are you ready to add a touch of magic to your virtual world? Today, we’re diving into the captivating world of the XR Grab Interactable in Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit. This feature is like giving your players telekinetic powers — allowing them to grab, hold, and interact with objects in your VR universe. Let’s get our virtual hands dirty and master the art of XR Grab!

What is XR Grab Interactable?

Imagine being able to reach out in your VR world and pick up an object as if it were real. The XR Grab Interactable turns this fantasy into reality. It’s a component in Unity that makes virtual objects responsive to player’s hand movements and gestures, allowing for immersive and interactive experiences.

Setting Up Your Scene for Success

First, ensure your Unity project is equipped with the XR Interaction Toolkit. Create a scene that feels like a playground for interaction — maybe a wizard’s lab or a futuristic workshop. Populate it with objects that scream “grab me!” — anything from floating crystals to high-tech gadgets.

Applying XR Grab Interactable

1. The Magic Begins

  • Select Your Object: Choose an object in your scene to become interactable.
  • Add the Component: With the object selected, add the XR Grab Interactable component from the XR Interaction Toolkit.

2. Customize the Interaction

  • Fine-Tune the Settings: Adjust properties like attach points, interaction layers, and movement type (velocity tracking for a realistic feel is often a good choice).
  • Play with Physics: If you want your object to obey the laws of virtual physics, add a Rigidbody component and tweak its mass, drag, and angular drag.

The Art of Letting Go

What goes up must come down! Ensure your objects can be released as smoothly as they are grabbed. Configure the release velocity and interaction layer masks so objects return to the virtual world gracefully or with a dramatic flair — your choice!

Testing the Magic

Enter Play mode and witness the magic firsthand. Reach out with your VR controllers, grab an object, and move it around. Feel the power at your fingertips — is it not exhilarating?

Best Practices for a Spellbinding Experience

  • Object Variety: Experiment with different types of objects to grab — diversity adds to the fun.
  • Feedback is Key: Implement audio or haptic feedback for a satisfying grab and release experience.
  • Performance Matters: Keep an eye on performance, especially with multiple interactable objects.


And there you have it — the spellbook on XR Grab Interactable is now in your hands! This powerful feature brings a whole new level of immersion and interactivity to your VR projects. So, go forth and create worlds where every object is an invitation to explore and interact. The virtual realm awaits your touch!