From Prototype to Work of Art

With Unity, it’s easy to prototype projects using basic 3D shapes as placeholders. Once the game play has been built, it’s just a matter of exchanging those basic shapes for more artistic assets.

Adding the background is easy enough — just a drag and drop onto the Hierarchy and assign a background Layer.

Going from 3D to 2D means we’ll have to remove our current 3D objects and make some minor code changes. The 3D objects currently using 3D Mesh and 3D Box Collider get replaced with 2D Sprites with 2D mesh and 2D Box Colliders.

The scripts have to be assigned to the new game objects and the trigger event methods updated from 3D to 2D. Once the Collider references in the code are updated to Collider2D and the new Sprites are assigned the proper tags, the new art is ready to go.




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Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan


Unity and Flutter developer interested in creating mixed-reality applications.