Enchanting Grabs in VR: Mastering XR Grab Interactable’s Dynamic Attach in Unity

Richard Morgan
2 min readJan 8, 2024


Welcome back, digital wizards and sorceresses of the VR realm! Today, we delve into the arcane arts of the ‘Use Dynamic Attach’ feature within the XR Grab Interactable component. This mystical tool is the key to making every object grasp in your virtual world feel as natural as conjuring a fireball.

The Spell of ‘Use Dynamic Attach’

Imagine reaching into the ether and having the objects of your realm respond to your touch as if by magic. The ‘Use Dynamic Attach’ option is your incantation for achieving just that.

Unraveling the Mystical Options

1. Match Position: The Precision Glyph

  • Invoke Precision: By enabling this enchantment, your VR hand and the object you seek to grasp align perfectly in position.
  • Ideal for: Tools of power and precision, like a wizard’s staff or an alchemist’s flask.

2. Match Rotation: The Alignment Rune

  • Harmonize Orientation: With this rune activated, the rotation of the object aligns with your hand’s mystical movements.
  • Ideal for: Artifacts that demand specific orientation, like a sorcerer’s compass or a diviner’s rod.

3. Snap To Collider Volume: The Grasp of the Ether

  • The Ethereal Snap: This charm allows objects to snap within their collider bounds, perfect for irregularly shaped relics.
  • Ideal for: Arcane objects with a mind of their own, like enchanted crystals or floating orbs.

4. Reinitialize Every Single Grab: The Versatile Conjuration

  • Resetting the Magic: This incantation resets the grab point with each new interaction, adding versatility to your spellcasting.
  • Ideal for: Frequently used magical objects, like potion bottles or spell scrolls.

Bonus Arcanum: ‘Attach Ease In Time’

Enhance the fluidity of your grabs with this subtle spell. It allows for a gentle transition when an object is ensnared, adding a touch of elegance to your magical maneuvers.


Armed with these mystical techniques, you are now ready to enchant the objects in your virtual domain. The ‘Use Dynamic Attach’ feature, with its array of options, brings a new depth of interaction to your VR creations. Go forth and weave these spells into your VR tapestry, making every grab a testament to your wizardry!