Create a Lens Flare in Unity 2021 using HDRP

There are plenty of lens flare tools in the asset store, but building one from scratch is not so difficult.

Unity ver 2021 has a Lens Flare (SRP) component that makes this a snap.

On the light source, add the Lens Flare (SRP) component:

Now we need a Lens Flare Data file, so in the Project tab, right-click the Assets folder and select Create, Lens Flare (SRP):

Add the Lens Flare Data file to the Lens Flare (SRP) on the light source:

Edit the Lens Flare Data file by adding elements. Here, I’ve added the Circle, Polygons, and three images for shimmer, rainbow-ring and half-ring:




Rainbow Ring:

Half Ring:

Feel free to use the above images I created for the Lens Flare (SRP). I created them with PhotoShop using Legacy Gradients for the rings and a free lens flare brush for the shimmer found here:



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Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan

Unity and Flutter developer interested in creating mixed-reality applications.