Blender 3.0 fbx Editing

Richard Morgan
2 min readJan 11, 2022

We’re going to edit an fbx file from Unity in Blender. Here’s our fbx model:

Let’s separate the stairs into two sections by loading it into Blender, selecting a section and breaking it apart. Then we’ll resave the fbx file and our Unity scene assets will automatically update.

First we locate the file in explorer. Open Blender and import the file:

Switch from Object Mode to Edit Mode:

And use Face Select:

We’re going to use the rectangle selection tool, but to make sure we get the faces behind our view, we need to turn on X-ray:

Now select the top section of our stairs that we want to separate:

Press P and pick Selection:

Now the new section can be adjusted independently (but don’t make any changes or they will be spaced when we save the new fbx):

Now our Scene Hierarchy will show two meshes instead of one. Rename them Bottom and Top:

Now just save the file and it will automatically replace all the instances in our Unity scene: